About Fanash Beauty

Who We Are

Fanash Beauty is an esteemed beauty salon that redefines the world of beauty therapy by seamlessly integrating the realms of fine arts and expert skincare. Located at the heart of Amstelveen shopping center, our salon is more than just a place for beauty; it's an artistic canvas where every appointment transforms into a masterpiece.

Our Expertise

At Fanash Beauty, we take pride in our commitment to excellence. Our team members are certified beauty therapists. With years of expertise and a passion for perfection, our team is delivering unparalleled beauty services.

Crafting Unique Looks

What sets Fanash Beauty apart is our dedication to crafting exclusive looks inspired by our clients' personal style, event needs, and individual tastes. We believe that beauty is a form of self-expression, and we work closely with our clients to bring their unique visions to life.

The Fanash Experience

We believe that true beauty lies in the details. From the moment you step into our salon, you'll experience a level of care and attention like no other. Our goal is to not only enhance your beauty but also elevate your confidence and self-esteem.

Artistry and Beauty

Fanash Beauty is where artistry and beauty converge. Every treatment, every stroke of the brush, and every skincare regimen is a testament to our commitment to transforming beauty therapy into a genuine art form. We believe that your beauty should be as unique as you are.

Our Reputation

With a perfect five-star rating from all our customer reviews, Fanash Beauty has earned a reputation for excellence and unwavering customer satisfaction. Our clients trust us to provide exceptional beauty services and an atmosphere of warmth and professionalism.